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Just because there’s no war… Poetry

Just because there’s no war

Doesn’t mean there’s peace

Because we are not dead

Doesn’t mean we are living

Just because we aren’t crying 

Doesn’t mean we are happy 

Because we are smiling 

Doesn’t mean we aren’t feeling the pain too

Just because we try to be normal

Doesn’t mean we aren’t possessed 

Because we flow with the tide

Doesn’t mean the system is okay

Just because we dine and wine together 

Doesn’t mean we are equal

Because you don’t feel the heat

Doesn’t mean we don’t vibe with speed

Just because there no room for madness

Doesn’t mean we are not crazy here

Because we stay cool

Don’t think we can’t get really hot. 

Some of us are really trying hard to be normal

You have no idea.

Written by AbdulAfeez Ibraheem, 2016 used by permission. He blogs at Iread. Check his poetry out, you will be glad you did.


Footnote: My friend was able to capture the heart of many Nigerians in these words. I hope my friends in the diaspora reads this.
God bless you all!
Happy holidays!

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