Hello People!…an update

I wrote that yesterday. 

I feel so lazy.

I just read other people’s work, admire their prowess and keep wishing.

It’s Christmas. I’ve had a quiet day hanging out with a friend and watching movies.

I didn’t eat much, but truth be told I am thankful for life.

A friend of mine Debs has been doing something amazing on Instagram and the hashtag is #whyIamstillsingle.

When I saw that, it made me groan inwardly. Why isn’t that me, eh? I joined in the fun, I sent her a few reasons why I am still single.

Phew! I got so mad at someone this morning. He made me so annoyed. I said the F word and I was not happy I did. It is my Lord’s birthday and a Sunday!

I know, I’ve been so irregular here. It’s just mind lethargy. I write a few poems in my notepad here and there. I do some stream of consciousness writing and post on Facebook. Nothing more. Don’t bother, I am getting back in the new year. I might even start this year. *Shrugs*

I am okay. I’ve been doing great in case some of you are wondering where I have disappeared to.

Thanks y’all for a beautiful 2016.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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