Facebook Etiquette 101

Are you addicted to Facebook?

The Heart Advocate

So, if I don’t see it on Facebook, I miss it?

You are really not going to call me…?

I’m just suppose to read every word on every Post

Did I Like it? I might have…


But, what does that mean…?

I guess I don’t have a life…

I would have called you… to let you know!

We are not talking about a house party or something simple….

…these are serious Life Events that I am missing because no one talks anymore!

If I don’t see it on my News-Feed, I miss it?

If it is not on my Timeline, it didn’t happen!

If it is not on your Timeline, I don’t know about it!

Is posting a Status on Facebook the only way of communicating?

I would have called you…

 I can’t even get a text about it?

So, if my data is low, I…

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5 thoughts on “Facebook Etiquette 101”

    1. But it isn’t. I remember the last time I saw an old secondary school classmate taking pictures in cars and with cars. Jealousy was eating me up until my sister made me see that those cars were not hers. She pointed out a few things.

      My sister, Facebook is not real.

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