Who will I marry?…Personal

A song starts in my earphones, who will I marry?

The song preaches taking ones time before getting married. Patience is the key. In times like this when friends and acquaintances are getting married, my Facebook timeline is flooded with the pictures of newly married couples and it looks like I’m left behind.

Don’t let’s get started on how many guys I’ve gone out on dates with. I have been looking for a connection. A connection with someone that will make me complete.

I’ve not found. I am yet to find. I am just 26 years old and some people might say babes just love forget about rushing to the altar with some guy. I’m not getting married just because everyone is doing it. Marriage is not the cure for loneliness either, it will increase it. I want companionship. I want someone I can plan my life with. Someone who will support me, in every little way.

Aren’t I selfish? Thinking of Me, Me and Me. I know, it’s just a matter of time. I’ll leave this spot. I’ll move on and then start bitching about life as a wife and a mother.

I really can’t explain to you a process on “getting the right partner” in a one to ten list; or getting a relationship right, I’ll leave that to the experienced and experts. However, I can tell you one thing.

If you can’t get a partner you can agree with on different issues and levels.  If you can’t come to a compromise on issues, if you are poles apart, east to west then forget it. It will never work. It just won’t and that I can tell you from experience.

I’m living my life one day at a time. There are times I get depressed, (I won’t try to pretend I’m fine when I’m not) there are times I am happy and all bubbly (my optimism and joy can be infectious). I try not to worry my head much about the circumstances or situations. I keep moving on, knowing that each day I am alive is a gift. A full privilege to be here.

I will use my day wisely and try achieve more than I did the previous day. When I don’t achieve more, I never beat up myself on it. I am human after all and being frail or imperfect is a whole part of the package.

I am doing well today. I hope you are.

Until next time,


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18 thoughts on “Who will I marry?…Personal”

  1. Aha! What a lovely post Deb! I also saw a few friends of my age group getting married in past 1_2 years. But I feel sorry for them. I think ,’Oh poor boy, his golden bachelor days are over.Now he will become a disciplined responsible householder chap. How sad’ 😉

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  2. Hmmm… Seasons of life. One day you’re dreaming of love and one day you are in love heading to the altar. OK… Patience… It will come. For now keep loving yourself and enjoy being single because soon… You’ll be complaining about the husband and children needing so much attention… Lol.

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