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On the edge…Open Letter (Fiction)

​Dear Crush,

Here I stand watching you, the way you smile enthralls me deep into my soul. I look at you and everything, every little thing you do touches a part of me that I never knew existed.

You’re the handsome one, you’re the guy who rides the blue Porsche down the road, you’re the leader in church, you’re the tall guy who walks with a swag.You’ve got your life so put together, you’ve got your life well planned.

I stand here in my worn out jeans and black T-shirt staring as you laugh, you’re just way way out of my league, may be you’ll ask me to a date someday. Truth be told, it will be in my dreams

You have never noticed I exist, those pretty girls flock around you preening is what they do best.

I’ve got no chance. I have got no money, no dress, nothing but my pen and paper. I am not famous, you are. Thoughts of you keep me awake at night. I am on the ledge, on the verge of falling apart.

I am counting my losses.

You are just way out of my league.

Your Secret Admirer.


Music Prompt : Out of my league by Stephen Speaks. This song speaks of a man who is in love with a girl he can’t get. I had to see this with the eyes of a lady.

November Notes hosted by Rosema and Sarah.

If you are using the November notes writing prompts drop your link in the comment box, I’ll like to read your take on the music prompts each day. Thanks.

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