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Cupid has a shot gun…Poetry

​Cupid used to be here

With halo so pure

Cherubic faced

Shoots with an arrow

Cupid hovers over the town

Tonight people are falling

Over and again in love

Arrows pierce their hearts

Cupids shoots at me

Once and twice

He shoot again and again

Till his quiver went empty

His arrows have ceased to work

Tonight his charms does not sway me.

I am the witch

With the blood shot eyes and darkened soul

Away he went to gather more arrows

Away he went to get more weapons

Mine is such a different case

Or so I thought

Cupid returns with a gun

He returns with bullets in the cartridge

“O he stubborn heart thou must yield.”

With one shot I fell

I fell to my knees

Gasping for air

Looking around for help

My black shawl clutched I tighter

Hair disheveled

Sandals tattered

My blood spills

Black red colored

No one should have stopped

No one should have bothered

But someone did

You’re safe now he whispers

In his arms he carries me

Away to his lair

His safe place

Where only he can go

With one kiss

I transformed into something beautiful

I became a regal Queen

The love in his eyes remained still

I loved you then

How could I stop now

That you are transformed

Beauty personified

Let’s have a forever after

Let’s have it here and now

Cupid was here with a shot gun

He got me, he got you.

© Deborah Glover, 2016

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Today’s prompt is Cupid Carries A Gun by Marilyn Manson.

Thanks for been lovely hostesses Rosema and Sarah

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