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This View!… Stream of Consciousness Saturday

I like pretty women. Did you just read that? Yes, I mean women with assets if you get my drift. At a point, I had to question my being heterosexual. Women are beautiful just the way they are, they have a lovely view. Breasts, hips and backside. When I walk on the road, I find… Continue reading This View!… Stream of Consciousness Saturday


My Elegant Lady…Poetry

She walks Past me on the street Elegant lady she is My heart skipped Hoping to hold her in that split moment Hoping she would be mine My elegant lady  On she goes swaying Hips tempting Smile ever bright My hopes dashes to the walls As she walks into the arms of another The jealous… Continue reading My Elegant Lady…Poetry

Short Story

Smoke and Mirrors… Short Story

I couldn't pass up an opportunity to share this with you all. It's a short story written by Philip Craddock. *** Wispy white hair halos his head like smoke, desperately clinging on to wrinkled skin stretched too tight over his scaly scalp. Red drops dribble down his chin despite The Woman’s best effort to feed… Continue reading Smoke and Mirrors… Short Story


Words of Wisdom #18

We are lazy, we don't wanna do more but achieving more takes a lot. A lot of effort and drive. ~ Deb Glover Habits are easy to make but difficult to break. But do you know that the bad ones are the more easily formed. Bad habits are pleasurable initally, but frustrating in the end.… Continue reading Words of Wisdom #18

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Toxin accumulation… Streams of Consciousness Saturday

One of the greatest disease (in my opinion) is emotional sickness. Emotional sickness is a state in which an individual harbors ill feelings towards another. It reveals itself as bitterness, hate, anger, maliciousness and envy. These brings an accumulation of toxins in the body. It leads to peptic ulcers, diabetes etc. A great way to… Continue reading Toxin accumulation… Streams of Consciousness Saturday

Short Story

Losing Innocence Keeping virginity 2… Friday Fiction

This story is a continuation. Read Part One to get the full story. Enjoy! --- ​Katrina put the book she had been reading for the past two hours aside. She looked outside the glass window, the sunset was beautiful and the house was a bit too quiet. "This is unusual," she muttered to herself. "I must be dreaming."… Continue reading Losing Innocence Keeping virginity 2… Friday Fiction