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Rita…Short Story

​ Rita Maxwell stepped over the rail to the other side, though it is forbidden by the government in these parts; she knew trains do not take these routes so often anymore. Her black leather slippers makes a crushing sound with the marble stones. She moved quickly to where other people were and smiled. She was not caught. Some people were using the pedestrian bridge but she would risk being caught instead. The market was busy as usual and the sun was high in the sky, her black skirt and brown coat did well to hide the fiery nature inside her. Looking to the left, right, left and right again, she ran across the road. 

Rita had to meet Uncle Olu this evening. Getting a job has become a serious chore and she will not grovel under anyone but in desperate times like this, this is a compulsory process.

The molue was almost filled, she found a spot she could seat, and it was in between a fat lady and a slim man. The heat was becoming unbearable. A pungent smell of bodies and sweat mixed. Rita began to fan herself with her hand but that did nothing to help.

How I wish I didn’t have to enter this smelly bus but hiring a taxi will cost an arm and a leg. As if I could afford it.

She hissed, frowning. She carefully dropped her lithe body into the middle space created for her, trying to fit herself in the middle wasn’t working so,  she slide to the edge of the seat so she won’t get sweat soaked. she mopped off the droplets of sweat off her face trying not to ruin her make up.

A man armed with a polythene bag on his left arm started advertising a product.  Rita sighed.

(To be continued)


I am so sorry, I haven’t been here for full two days! I know, that not so much but I hate to leave you all hanging. A big shout out to all my new friends. A note of warning though, I am very energetic and I can talk a lot. Ask my friends e.g  Makaitah


I’ve been really busy with school resumption and I also attended a writers  workshop yesterday. My week had been fulfilling. 

See you all later,


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