Short Story

Losing Innocence Keeping virginity 2… Friday Fiction

This story is a continuation. Read Part One to get the full story.


​Katrina put the book she had been reading for the past two hours aside. She looked outside the glass window, the sunset was beautiful and the house was a bit too quiet.

“This is unusual,” she muttered to herself. “I must be dreaming.” Something was always going on in the Red family. Her sisters were either yelling at each other or the T.V was raised to it’s highest volume. She probably won’t survive without her lovely companions – her books.

Katrina jumped to her feet, loving the silence. She stood in front of the standing mirror, smiled as she shook her hair free from the band. She wore her black flip-flops and walked to the sitting room. There was no single soul in sight. She noticed the paper and pen on the center glass table.

We’ve gone to Mrs. White’s, she invited us for a movie and we won’t be back until dark.

Call me if you need anything.



Katrina ran to her room, excited that they were all out. She began to check her wardrobe, soon she found the red dress Jane gave her as a gift.
The dress stopped mid thigh. 

I should wear a leggings with this.

Katrina never went to the party, she stayed at home and forgot totally about it until Jane called to ask why she couldn’t make it. Katrina had to lie about having a banging headache but as convincing as she sounded Jane had a hard time believing her.

She slipped into the red dress, got out a make up kit (the one she never used) and then applied it to her face. She took selfies and then saved it with a password.

Maybe some other time, she would be adventurous enough to go out of the house without anyone taking note. This dressing up was enough  excitement for an evening. She chuckled to herself.

She got the dress off, put it back on the hanger, washed the makeup off and then sat at her reading table to write in her diary.

She glanced at the wall clock, it was just a few minutes past eight. When she laid her back to sleep that night, she was content. Today she acted out her fantasy and it was thrilling as she always imagined it would be.

© Deborah Glover, 2016


Thanks to Roos Ruse who believed that this story could have a second part. With your gentle nudge I have written this I hope you enjoy it and everyone who reads this.

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Losing Innocence Keeping virginity 2… Friday Fiction”

  1. Hihi so I starte with part two from my email… Got me to read part one from the blog. 🙂 now am searching for part 3. I love your writing and this story is addictive as the protagonist is addicted to books.

    Liked by 1 person

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