Stream of Consciousness

Getting the story straight!…Streams of Consciousness Saturday

We meet again.

The rumor went all around

The whole town thinks I’m no good

The men avoid me like a plague

A curse they won’t wish on their worst enemy

But you know, your pretense and your lies brought this on me

Your story was twisted

You told them what you wished happened

How would you have lived with them anyways, if they will always snicker behind you.

Your lies are so evil.

Your lies dragged me in the mud

Well, it’s time they got the story straight

I didn’t kidnap your son, you sent him away.

I didn’t threaten to burn your house.

I wasn’t the woman you cheated with on your wife.

I wasn’t the one who stole all your money.

You didn’t have much I recall.

I can’t remember you as a painter but you did a fine job painting me black.

Your life isn’t worth living after you have done so much damage don’t you agree?

I come to pay you, with a gun in my hand….


Well, you can imagine the rest.

Streams of Consciousness Saturday prompt is Use your/you’re/yore, in your post. You can choose just one or all of them.

This prompt has been fun, making my imagination run. Thanks Linda.

Happy weekend!

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