Open Letter to a Fellow Blogger #2

WARNING ⚠; This post may contain a few swear words. Please don’t read if it would offend you.

Dear Patience,

We are more than a million miles apart, with seas and oceans in between but I just had to write this.

I have come across your blog posts many times, especially when I look for new blogs to read. You write poetry beautifully well and for every time I read your work I always leave sad.For this reason, I never followed your blog.

However, today I was overwhelmed by the sadness that welled up in me as I read the last post you put up in your blog.

I don’t know shit about you. I don’t think I have been through what you have gone through. You write love letters to a ghost. From the bits and pieces, I could infer that you had a lover who died. Your About page was so short and it reads thus:

I am Patience because that is all I have. I have waited 12 years for you, and I will wait a hundred more if that’s what it takes. This blog is my way of releasing myself.

I felt deeply sad. I have questions to ask, you probably would say it’s no business of mine but I will ask anyways.

  • Are you as sad as your poetry?
  •  Do you have any fun?
  • Are you a single lady still holding on to the memories of a ghost?
  • Are you unhappy that you are still alive or would you rather be dead?
  • I know you have three thousand plus fans but does this mean anything to you?

My heart yearns for you. I don’t know your story. I don’t understand your pain. And even if you give me a detail description of what it was like for you, I don’t know if I will still get it. But, I do know that you are still alive for a reason. You are alive to make a difference not moving in motions.

I salute your courage, your unashamed boldness in sharing this part of you with the world. Patience, if you have another life outside sadness, please share with us. It will make people like me who are so concerned to smile.

Life should be a mix of sadness and joy. If we experience the mountain top and we fall to the valley, we shouldn’t remain there we should go up to the mountain again.

I wish you well.

A concerned blogger.


Lagos, Nigeria

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