Open Letter to a Fellow Blogger #2

WARNING ⚠; This post may contain a few swear words. Please don't read if it would offend you. --- Dear Patience, We are more than a million miles apart, with seas and oceans in between but I just had to write this. I have come across your blog posts many times, especially when I look for… Continue reading Open Letter to a Fellow Blogger #2

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Our Experiences… Stream of Consciousness Saturday

It is life. It is for living. Many times we just go through motions, circles, unending dramas and we deal with demons. Our experiences make us or mar us. Our experiences affect us in both positive and negative ways. --- Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ex.” Find a word that includes… Continue reading Our Experiences… Stream of Consciousness Saturday


A thank you note

I've been on the blogosphere for a year now. Exactly July 12, I clocked one year. It has been an uphill climb. I have met great people such as Jacqueline, A Writer's Life, Buki, Rosema, Miniscule Diary, Temitoria, Deb Riako, Maria, Makaitah Rogue, Soul Gifts, R_Prab Oneta Hayes, Yvonne Lott, Stella, Adebisi Adetunji, Marquessa, Lonely… Continue reading A thank you note