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Word High July : Balintataw

Balintataw (Day 14) Balintataw - The pupil of the eye I called the forbidden name She turned to me The shock so vivid The pupil dilates As she clutches her hands To her chest I have never met her But I remind her Of a cruel past She regains composure Baring her teeth with Eyes… Continue reading Word High July : Balintataw

3Line Tales

Visitors… Three Line Tales

They came visiting again. By now everyone in the neighborhood must think I'm crazy. Who sets fire on the sand every day and even at odd times at night. It is just a premonition or call it a nagging feeling, I know when the soldier ants reach inside my wooden gates. © Deborah Glover, 2016… Continue reading Visitors… Three Line Tales


Unrushed – the daily prompt

Slowly I hate to be rushed. That does not mean I don't set personal deadlines and try to meet up with them. However, I like to work at my own pace, slowly and unrushed. I like to take a step at a time. I prefer to do one thing well than have a million things… Continue reading Unrushed – the daily prompt


Word High July :Makisig

Makisig (Day 22) Makisig - Dashing, well- dressed, gorgeous. Word High July My friends, Amaka, Modupe and Toria looking gorgeous. Debbie, Faith, Fisayo and an acquaintance. Joy and Evelyn looking gorgeous Pastor Taiwo Odubiyi (Nigerian Author) Deborah Glover Don't we all look gorgeous?;) 😄😁😁😁 Until next time, Blessings!


Harana (Day 13) Word High July

Harana Harana - The act of wooing someone by serenading him or her Word High July It was January 15, 2016 and it was my friend's birthday. The date is a little significant because a friend of mine played me an original song playing on his guitar. 🎼I have seen the Mummies and pyramids of… Continue reading Harana (Day 13) Word High July


Word High July Day 11 (Humaling)

Humaling Humaling- Extreme fondness Perhaps, I am deluded about her and yes she is the opposite of me in many ways. She is dark complexioned and I am light complexioned. She is short and stocky built, I am very slim. She is my friend. I met her nine years ago. She can tell when I… Continue reading Word High July Day 11 (Humaling)


Word High July Day 10 (Indak)

Indak Indak - To dance in time with music In his arms Swaying to the music She dances in time Traveling to other places With her eyes closed Pleasure awaits Feeling so complete In the arms of the one Who loves every bit of her Good, bad and ugly Ecstasy achieved Just a few minutes… Continue reading Word High July Day 10 (Indak)


Word High July Day 9 (Pagsamo)

Pagsamo Pagsamo - The act of pleading Word High July He holds the guitar Cradling it in his arms The tune he played Slow and cool He sang of the love Gone sour Tears came down unbidden He holds the bottle dear He takes long swigs from it The memories refusing to drown The woman… Continue reading Word High July Day 9 (Pagsamo)

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Passive Aggression. Word High July Day 8

Silakbo Silakbo - Emotional outburst Word High July I do not intend for this to be a long post. It might be and you may as well enjoy the ride with me. Passive aggression according to Wikipedia is the indirect expression of hostility. The signs show in procrastination, emotional outbursts, sarcastic remarks, mocking other people,… Continue reading Passive Aggression. Word High July Day 8