3Line Tales

Mysterious Night… Three Line Tales

She sat on the quilt this was the third night she had been held captive.

Dame said he loved her but indeed it was pure lust. He had her body every night.

She used to detest it but tonight, she expects him with a fervor. She was ready to stop being passive and give him the pleasure pound for pound; but when the guard came into the tent to call her out, her heart sank with fear. She need no one to tell her that Dame had meet his misfortune and their being lovers was never meant to be.
© Deborah Glover, 2016


Photo by Maher El Aridi
The muse in is asking for long stories. I had to cut the story short.

Three Line Tales brought to you by Sonya  of only 100 words. I enjoyed this prompt. Click on the link for guidelines on how to join us. The bigger the community the better.

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