My Transition… Word High July



Yugto – A fundamental transition or  development of a story or phenomenon.

As a child, I thought as a child. I enjoyed the simple things life had to offer, I knew no pain, no sadness. But then I grew, (sighs).

An adolescent with a curious mind was I. I probed and prodded into almost all subjects. I only wanted to explore. Again, I grew.

This time, shedding off the cloak of innocence and protection. I saw for myself, experienced for myself and I loved who I became.
Walls, fierce walls of thorns, I built around my heart. No one gets in, unless I allow it. Looking at my background, I knew I had to rise fast when I fall, I had to lift myself above all get into the clouds above the head winds and rule. As a young adult, I had to be my own hero, tap myself on the back when one is doing it and pamper myself when I need it.

Life has shown himself to me in different colours, different shades, different shapes and sizes. Hmm… Maybe I haven’t seen it all but I do know that today marks a special beginning. Today may just be a day like every other day but I choose to make right choices, to think before I act, to consider carefully before I talk. I choose to embrace my human frailty and live as God intends. Life on earth is a continued transition and trust me, I won’t have it another way.

© Deborah Glover, 2016

Word High July

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