Short Story

Kinaadman… Word High July



Kinaadman – Knowledge, wisdom

The gray hair was a symbol. The lines that creases at the forehead and beside his eyes were a sign. They told stories. They were showing how many seasons had past and how many things he had to go through.

Looking through the window, he sees the young and understand their faults, the love in their eyes and the revenge a few seek for, after all he was once like them.

Years have taught him however, to be more patient, careful and right. Only if they would talk to him or tell him their worries but no way! They think being old is synonymous with foolishness. How mistaken they are!
He sighed content to retire on the rocking chair poring over books.


Image credit; Getty

© Deborah Glover, 2016
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Still in the spirit of Word High July!

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