Word High July : Kundiman

Kundiman (Day 20)


Kundiman – Love song

I searched my phone
Looking for a song that I can call your own
All the love songs don’t exactly explain it
They don’t hit home
It is still feels like a dream
Tell no one
That I smile to myself
That I picture you talking to me
That I reply the imagined conversation
Out loud

I will hum to the beat of my heart
Dance awkwardly to the lyrics
Shake my legs and sway gently to the music you provide
I will let your voice be my lullaby
I will let your laughter be my love song
I will keep the memories alive
Deep inside me
When I need to feel loved
I will listen to the Kundiman
No one else hears but me.
© Deborah Glover, 2016

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