Word High July Day 9 (Pagsamo)



Pagsamo – The act of pleading
Word High July
He holds the guitar
Cradling it in his arms
The tune he played
Slow and cool
He sang of the love
Gone sour
Tears came down unbidden

He holds the bottle dear
He takes long swigs from it
The memories refusing to drown
The woman he loved left
The tears dried to his face
The love gone bad

Drunk, the stench follows him
He felt he should beg one more time
He is crazed, friends concludes
He dragged himself to her front porch
Shouted her name
Promised her heaven and all its riches
His slurred voice broke into tears
When he realized she had left town too

With no one to hear his speech
He wanted to die
Hoping to change her mind
It dawns on him, all his pleading
All of his suffering
Has gone unnoticed
The rains began

Matching the sadness in his soul

© Deborah Glover, 2016

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