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Passive Aggression. Word High July Day 8



Silakbo – Emotional outburst
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I do not intend for this to be a long post. It might be and you may as well enjoy the ride with me.

Passive aggression according to Wikipedia is the indirect expression of hostility.

The signs show in procrastination, emotional outbursts, sarcastic remarks, mocking other people, unsympathetic etc.

Passive aggression happens when we have been hurt by someone or a particular situation we had no control over.

I would like to relate what happened to me, a few months ago. I was working in a school as a teacher with about thirty periods in a week, each class period lasts for forty-five minutes. I also had to write lesson notes, students note, prepare for Biology practical classes and also do the work of a class teacher. I might have taken it in a stride if my salary was paid promptly. That’s not the case and so I was struggling to be calm and collected at work but deep inside me I had many arguments with my boss. I must have given her a punch or two and it all ended in my imaginations.

I kept suppressing it until one day while chatting with a group of friends on WhatsApp, I made a few cutting remarks and then insulted another person. I was punishing my friends for a crime committed by my boss.

A friend sent me a private message to ask what was going on with me. He knew something was wrong and it wasn’t what anyone said on the group chat. I told him and I felt bad afterwards.

Do you find yourself caught in this web sometimes, no matter how well you try to control it?

Share your thoughts with me in the box below. Let’s talk!

6 thoughts on “Passive Aggression. Word High July Day 8”

  1. oh. yes. that’s possible and i can relate. bad bosses can really get to our nerves and because we can’t vent it to him/her, we release it to those close to us. it’s tough to control such emotions.

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  2. I do have a colleague at work that I don’t get along very well. He didn’t do anything bad really but there are just some personality types that I couldn’t stand like his. So I chose to be distant and indifferent towards him. BUT it became a double-edged blade instead. We’re supposed to be a team and should work as one. It troubled me as much as it troubled him, too. Right now, we’re both trying to find a common ground between us. He still annoys me (every now and then) but I’ve decided to make it my personal challenge to deal with people like him.

    I hope you’re doing well yourself, Deb. Thank you for sharing your story.<3

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  3. What a great post! My people seem to swim in passive-aggresives, its our way of life. It comes in innumerable details and moments of culture and structure. Aggressive driving, bureaucratic malaise, sarcastic attitudes and fronts. Anyway, thanks for the educational post. I love learning about new languages. Thanks!

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