Word High July

Word High July …Day Three (Tinatangi)



Tinatangi – special someone

I write poems for you
That is how beautiful you are

I write stories about you
That shows how special you are

There are pieces of you in my stories and poetry
That’s how important you are

Your embrace reminds me
I am not alone

Your hands on mine
Reassure me that I can attain great heights

The worry in your silence
Shows me how much you care

Your brief stare at me while you work
Reminds me that you think about me even when you are busy.

I write this post for you,
Of course you know it is for you
You are someone special
And this holds true
For everyday and now.

Inspired by Someone Special to me. Can I say he is my Tinatangi? I hope that goes.

Until next time,


In response to Word High July hosted by two beautiful ladies Rosema and Maria

Happy Sunday every one!

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