She had a crooked nose
Didn’t care about hanging on the noose
Committing crime from shore to shore
With a code of honor and black shawl
I knew a criminal whom killing was her muse

They all hated her
Those legs bent at the knees with scar
Those upturned lips
The money she made kept at her hips
A criminal rumored to be a Sir

Once a lady she loved as such
The young man left her in the lurch
With a heart so bitter
She seeks to barter
Her world had gone sour this much
© Deborah Glover, 2016
Usually, I post a fiction today and I have one fiction unfinished. It’s a response to Ronovan Friday fiction challenge. If I can complete it today, I’ll post it today. If not, we’ll enjoy it some other day.

This is the first limerick poem I have ever written. I’ll appreciate honest feedback on it. Thanks.

Until next time,

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