Short Story

Pensive… Friday Fiction


Cecelia walked into the room smiling. Many said she has a smiley on all the time. Life was bright on this side of the globe, she was that optimistic.

There were twenty children she was going to teach and this job she loved so well. She greeted them and they all replied, except one.


She went on with the class delighted and leading the children in singing and showing them a few pictures.

This boy refused to do a single thing.

“Come here, Nath!”
He stood from his seat and went to her.
“What is wrong with you today?” She crouched to his level
He lowered his eyes and said, “Nothing.”
She held his little hands and raised his chin with her forefinger and thumb.
“You can always tell Miss Cece you know?”
“My Mama hit me so hard on the head today and after she started a quarrel with my Papa, then he hit her too.” Nath said quietly with tears in his eyes.

Ceceila was lost for words, how will she explain what was wrong and what wasn’t. Compassion overwhelmed her as she hugged his little frame, assuring him over and over that everything will be all right.

However, Cecelia didn’t know that for sure. His parents had made an impression on this young mind, she could only hope the fear built in him will not continue.

© Deborah Glover, 2016

5 thoughts on “Pensive… Friday Fiction”

  1. Young mind is very sensitive. Little incidents forms a permanent perspective which can never be effaced. Let’s hope the children not get exposed to such negative things and form a bitter personality.Parents should act responsibly.

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