Indian Movies and I

I love the indian movies. Why? They have those amazing love stories. I am a firm believer of those “happily ever afters”. It’s so  beautiful when they have issues with friendship, character, betrayal and they get a way to work it out.

🎊Here is a link to my blog post last year about THINGS I LIKE. I mentioned that I like Indian movies. Here we go➡

The other end of the line : is an Indian American movie. Interracial. It is so captivating how the Indian lady with a little stammer quirk when she talks, fall in love with a customer. She works as a customer service agent acting as an American with American name and voice. That’s very rare. The Indians (those in movies) speak English with an Hindi accent. There was a father who was very protective of his daughter. I have learnt from most movies that the Indian Fathers are protective of their children especially the daughters.


We are family : is a story of how a choleric mother whose marriage was crumbling got diagnosed of Cancer. Her husband had to leave the other woman, in other to take care of his wife. She had character issues but she didn’t deserve to die. This one is so emotional. I cried. I mean, how do you stay dry-eyed when some one else is in the dying process. It touched me more because I have the temperament of this dying woman. That day, I made a resolve to start working on my weaknesses. You’ve never watched it? Where have you been? *smiles*


Gunday – The Outlaws : These two boys shaped by homelessness, hunger, war and poverty learnt how to survive through trickery, stealing and the gun later when they grew older. They were brothers, formidable, their problem with each other began with a woman they were infatuated with. However, she was more than the model in sari…


Pyaar Impossible: I won’t do justice if I don’t mention this one. He is the nerd, unpopular who everyone takes advantage of. He fell in love with the most popular girl on campus but he never told her. Fast forward 12 years. She has a daughter out of wedlock, a single mom and they meet again. She mistakes him for a nanny sent to work for her, he would do anything to get closer while he strikes a deal that will make him a millionaire… Lovely Lovestory.


3 Idiots : A motivating Indian movie. Teaching the world, that to make a change we must follow our passion. We must not allow what the society dictates as success to hamper our own definition of success. Three school boys in Engineering college, Know-it-all Principal, the one who committed suicide… The story connects them all.


Baghban : Is the story of a man who loves his family and his wife especially. All the children are grown (and have spouses except the last child) and he retires. He has run bankrupt and he has no money to survive on. He made a decision to live with each of his children but what did they do? They spite him, separated him from their mother and made his life a living hell… A great story with lesson for parents and children.


My name is Khan: A boy born with autism, grows up under the loving care of a unprejudiced mother who taught him that they were just two people in world. The good people and bad people. He saw the world in black and white. However, his migration to America taught him differently. His step son was murdered and he had to go meet the president and say “My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.”
I love this movie, because it teaches that doing good matters, no matter the race, religion we need to stand as one and help one another.


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The other end of the line
Pyaar impossible
We Are Family
3 idiots
My name is Khan

16 thoughts on “Indian Movies and I”

  1. Well look at you. I am Indian, and I go through phase of loving and I just can’t watch the Indian movies. Sometimes they are so far fetched and so ridiculous and I find rather upsetting. Then sometimes they are fantastic like 3 idiots, We are family, my name is Khan. Bagbhan – what a tear jerkier – oh man. The thing with some Indian movies , like Bagbhan they are too close to real life, and your experience that man it is too much… I just remember the scenes from this movie. Lovely movie and the right ending – but life doesn’t always follow the movies.

    What can I say, I love this post of yours. You seriously love your Indian movies and know more than me. Enjoyed this post.

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  2. I love Indian movies. I have an Indian friend who says most of the love stories are far-fetched. It doesn’t stop me from loving them anyway. I can re-live my love fantasies by watching them at least.

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  3. Such a lovely post! Nice to get to know you better. Perhaps it will interest you to know that my husband Sukhangshu Chatterjee is into theater and he had a small role in Shoojit Sirkar’s movie ‘Madras Cafe.’ The more I read on your blog, the more I like it. Do read my post ‘Africans In India, Indians In Africa’ again as I have added some videos, more pics and some more verbal content. During our stay in Rendezvous Hotel in 1977 in Kaduna City, we were touched to find that on your Independence Day, I believe, it is 1 October, the Hindi film ‘Professor’ was shown on Television!

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    1. Wow! You were in Nigeria. Do you know we even have an Indian season film going on here in Nigeria? It is translated as Divine Relationship. Our love for the Indian movies goes way back. I remember my Dad tell me that Indian movies were the real thing in our Cinemas back in the 60s and 70s.

      I will definitely visit your blog soon. I’m glad you like what you read on mine.

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