Lessons From First Corinthians

My Bible commands that I do everything decently and in order. (1st Corinthians 14:40)
Well, today’s prompt orderly reminds me of this. I just could not shake it off.

🌟The first rule here is that everything should be done.

🌟The second rule is that these things should be decent and

🌟Finally, it should be in order.

I was never the orderly kind of person. I love getting many things done, cramped into a short time, hurrying from one duty to another without being sure whether they are really in good shape. I had to learn that it was not a good way to live. I am the only female teenager I knew years back who did not care much about her appearance. If anyone apart from my mother mentions it, I shrug and let it go. How was my appearance their business anyway?

My disorderliness extended to so many facets of my life and it took great and conscious effort to start being orderly. Many people who like me today, wouldn’t have if I remained rooted in my disordered life. It would have ruined me in the long run.

Truth is I still try to get things straight and work in an orderly manner. If I don’t do these things now, how am I ever going to be a great wife and mother? It’s an ongoing process but I can tell you I get better each day.

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9 thoughts on “Lessons From First Corinthians”

  1. Hi, thanks for visiting and reading me. Loved this post: work makes people live a worthy life, order keeps them sane and decency elevate the spirit. I tend to follow this teaching, as it kept me sane and functioning, sound in my principles. Thanks for sharing! Blessings

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