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Break free

There are times when we get stifled by the traditional way of doing things and we long for a change. You need to break free from there norm and do a different thing. Doing something different does not automatically guarantee success, however it helps you learn, grow and become better.

Break bad habits that have a strong foothold on your life. Take conscious effort to set yourself free. Take a firm resolve first to let it go. Write then down on a paper, this is the  identification process. Many times, we don’t know how grievous our bad habits are until we write them down.

Break away from wrong relationships, those friendships that make you feel lesser than a human being, that breaks down your will to stand up for yourself, that makes you feel worthless. Truth is, there are things you are good at and they aren’t good at. We all are special in our own way. I wrote sometime ago on my Facebook timeline, “We are different and uniquely different we must remain.”
Imagine a world where we all are the same, we think the same way, and have there same belief systems. The world would be so boring, everyone will be so agreeable and then we won’t have any fun at all.

Break away from negative thoughts, negative words. Believe the right things, choose to speak the right words even when you don’t see them in your life right now. Our words are a reflection of who we really are. Jesus rightly said “Out of the abundance in the heart the mouth speaks.” Also the book of Proverbs warns that we should guard our heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.

Choose a life of freedom today. Say no to abuse, break away from negativity in all its shades and colors, above all live life to the fullest.



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Why don’t you join us? The prompt for this weekend is Brake/Break. Click on the link above to learn more.

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13 thoughts on “Break free”

  1. Doing something different does not automatically guarantee success, however it helps you learn, grow and become better.

    love this . we have try to do it differently and some things are best the way they are, but you have to try and do it differently sometimes, to find a better way or there is no better way. Love this.

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