poetry, Writing

Our Survival Story

Our fears,  our pain
Our experiences, our tears
Believing in a change
That will never come
A change of negativity

Dying and Hunger in the streets
Stealing and kidnapping
Crimes at its zenith
Day in, Day out
Men devising how to live

Our survival story
Fighting to live
Each day
Malnutrition is the order of the day
Facebook takes our rants
National economic crisis
Here and there

Our survival story
Prices sky-rocketing
Politicians still promising
Campaigns on going while in office
Income incapable to cover
Overhead cost

Our survival story
My beloved country
My heart weep for you
My soul is distressed for you
May you rise from these chains
Choking you to death
Stifling your peace
Clipping your wings
Hurting your pride

Someday we will
Tell our survival story
With tears in our eyes
With happy smiles
We will tell
How we conquered
How we survived!
In response to the daily prompt survival.

Until next time,

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