An update


Recently, some of you might notice that I come here to post poetry and then run off again for a while. I’ve been experiencing power failure at my end more often than not. I still write at every opportunity I get though.

I’m through with the WASSCE coordination in the school and I’m no longer on any research team. Nothing is standing in the way but PHCN. I’ll try to post more often and make sure it is worth while. Thanks for waiting for me to get my stuff together.

Thanks to all the new followers of who joined the train even at the time I wasn’t so regular here, please take time to go through any of the posts you might have missed. Remember to drop your comments, I love hearing from you and it makes my day.

I’ll fall back to my usual blogging activities immediately conditions get stabilized here.

I remain your friend and fellow blogger, please stay cool and remember to smile always.

Until next time,

WASSCE – West African Senior Secondary School Certificate

PHCN – Power Holding Company of Nigeria

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