Part Time Lover

He came tonight
I wasn’t expecting
He once left
I wasn’t what he wanted
After kissing my red blood lips
He turned and left.

He came back tonight
No dislike could form
He was a gentleman
He is still one
A mix of nostalgia and restrain
Runs through me
In my red blood gown
I shiver holding his hands
Hoping he will stay this time


Image Credit: Pixabay.com

He came tonight bearing
Red blood roses
With a smile and a hug
Liking me to the Stars
He breaks down my ice resistance
Once again
Questions stand at bay
Puzzles unsolved

I accepted him tonight
Hoping my red blood
Won’t spill if he has to
Plunge a knife in it
Tonight lovers we are
Tomorrow is forgotten
Whatever it may bring
In the throes of passion
Throwing reasons to wind.
©Deborah Glover, 2016


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