I locked the door of my mouth
And threw the keys away
It is somewhere I know
But somewhere my hands can’t reach
It is for a good change
I know this
Especially after the mouth has done enough damage

Today I locked my worries outta my door
I will live one day at a time
I won’t get worked over the future
In the hands of God I let it be
He knows the future
I don’t
I’d rather leave them to him

So I locked my house
I kept the keys in my purse
Away go I to wander
Till my feet are tired
I will go and find solace
Outside these walls
That are closing in on me
These walls that can tell my anguish

I locked the door to my heart
I threw the keys away
May be you could find it for me
May be I will let you as a prize
For getting it
Maybe by then the bleeding would have stopped
Maybe I would have healed

Maybe the heart will be dusty.

© Deborah Glover, 2016
In response to the daily prompt Locked

I’ve been so busy but I promise I’ll be fully back soon.

Until next time,

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