Stream of Consciousness


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “no.”  Try to think of a specific number, as “no.” is often used as an abbreviation for “number,” and write about it. Or, use it as a word. Have fun!

I tend to be very opinionated. I would not take an advice or another person’s view, as long as you have no concrete reasons. You have to back up your views with proofs then I’d be inclined to see it your way.I am not easily won over. It took me a long time to get to this stage.

As a child, I was very quiet and even bullied at a point. I had difficulty in saying NO. Everything goes, I was easily tossed, I was easily convinced to skip classes and go watch movies. In high school, I went with others to bribe the gateman and then go out. If I was asked to give something I won’t think twice, I’d give it. It was hard to say NO.

Then there was a turning point. People revealed themselves not be so good. There are times I give my money or food and when I’m in need they pretend not to see and when I ask, they lie and even swear that they have nothing. One even lied that there was no money and to deceive me she starved herself along with me. The very next day, I was listen to music using her phone. Alert came in, her mother sent in three thousand naira and alas, she had an initial balance of two thousand naira. She was caught. I learnt in a lot ways to think of myself first. To say NO especially when it does not favour me or benefit me in anyway.


Thanks Linda G. Hill for being such a wonderful host. Click on this link to join in.

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