22…. Gone but never over (II)

22 years have passed since the one and only  punk rock legend committed suicide, since the world have lost a one in a lifetime kind of human, singer, specie. My dearest Kurt.. I never had the chanc…

Source: 22…. Gone but never over (II)


The only song I have from Nirvana is Smells Like Teen Spirit. I’ve read two blog posts today about Cobain suicide. I’ve not taken much time to listen to the song lyrics either. I have noticed that most rock fans and stars preach dying and death. They have a way of making it look like it’s no big deal. I have read of a boy who hanged himself after so much listening to some black metal or whatever it is. This situation saddens me. I love rock music, I like the lyrics but why do some of us gotta be so gloomy and depressed?

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