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A year older, a year wiser

24 March, 2016

With my whole heart I will sing
Two decades and six
He preserved me
Joyful I will be
No other mood I will take.
I celebrate this day
The day my presence graced this world of mortals
To heavens will I look
To Him who sits on the throne
I lift my hands
In humble adoration
Great things He has done!

The excitment did not kick in yesterday but it did today. I am a year older and I’ve learnt so much in the past year. My life has metamorphosized into a different one and I am happy. I have shed a cloak and this time I’m better and wiser. In the last year, I’ve had friends who left, I’ve been broken, hurt and mended, I’ve learnt secrets about my parents that makes me realize they are human, I’ve met virtual friends who have proceed to be supportive than physical friends. I have refined my writing skills.
Thanks to the WordPress team and community. You guys are the best.
My special gratitude goes to Collen (Silver Threading) whose weekly Author helping authors has directed me to different websites that is assisting me to be a better writer.
Today, I am grateful for the gift of life. At a point I wished for death in the previous year. The truth stared at me in the face, only a coward dies to escape from Life, the brave stay alive to conquer. I am really happy, I still live.
I am grateful for a very supportive family. My brother teases me a lot but about my writings but I won’t swap him for the world.
I am grateful for the rock family at NSOR(Naija School of Rock). Those guys are weird and beautiful in their own way. We fight, we cry, we tease, we comfort each other, we share our fears with each other, we sincerely care for each other, we are family.
I am grateful for the grace of God on my life. He has been helping me especially on days when the teaching work gets frustrating and the Power holding company of Nigeria chooses to hold power, when I get lonely with a full blown bad case of blues, when I feel a total despair inside, when I go through hungry afternoons, when I trudge in the sun to and fro work, when my music won’t help in anyway, when there is no one to chat wit then the love God overwhelms me. I have felt that inner joy more than once that simply lying in my bed to sleep brings me joy. It has been God all the way.
Today, I am two decades and six years and my heart is full of joy. I couldn’t ask for more but I keep getting more. More of God’s blessings, moving on to greater heights.



Happy birthday to me!

24 thoughts on “A year older, a year wiser”

  1. Happy birthday, lovely lady. Your psalm/poem is on a par with David’s love psalms to the Lord. So glad for your victories past and your victories to come. Have a blessed year and share it with us as you see opportunity.

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  2. I like when I see someone at peace with not only getting older, but at peace with their lives from the inside. Grateful to who they have been and knowing that they will continue the journey of self discovery. May you have a good year a head!

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  3. Happy birthday! May you truly continue to grow in the Grace and Peace of God. Because I am older now I can honestly affirm that faith increased as I got older but really knowing God is a journey of day by day and year by year discovery. The Shepherd really is the only safe ROCK in an uncertain world and this applies to all shaky aspect of our personal life, job etc. LOVE – DIVINE will triumph over all evil ultimately but what a journey we can have if we life to find that LOVE.
    May you have another year of discovery in your life.

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