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Unsaved work…One liner Wednesday

I typed a post directly to my wordpress app, some how it got deleted. I don’t have it anywhere. It was from my head, no prior outline. I had to ditch Music Monday. No way, I’m going to do all that again. *Shaking my head*.
A friend tells me today, he was getting the patients details into the computer, he had not saved and then the CPU went off with the power outage. It was a two hour work. Oops!

“Mister? Get back to work.”

I burst into laughter.


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10 thoughts on “Unsaved work…One liner Wednesday”

  1. Ugh!! Computers can be so frustrating, can’t they? Thanks so much for joining in! For some reason your link to my blog doesn’t go anywhere, so your post didn’t show up in my comments. I’ll link it now. Next time, please make sure it’s there – I don’t want you to miss out on the views from the other participants! 😀

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  2. Have yoy checked on the app again? Whenever I save something in the draft on the app I can never see it on the computer for some reason.


      1. Well,if I type out a post on the phone app and don’t post it immediately, I can’t see it when I log onto my computer and check the drafts on WordPress. I have to actually complete posting from the phone app. I haven’t posted through the app for a few weeks now though so don’t know if it still the same.


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