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Egged on #SoCS

As a child, I came across as a quiet and gentle girl. I rarely spoke to others, I avoided trouble as much as possible. My peers in high school were a different case altogether, they were talk actives  and one would naturally wonder why I was friends with them. But if you take a closer look you’d realize that I spoke more than all of them combined. Whenever there was a serious debate among us, they usually egg me on and then I begin talking. No matter the issue, I was their walking encyclopedia. This was because I have read more books than they ever read in their entire lives. It seems at the time, I was more knowledgeable than they were. I started reading the King James Version Bible at the age of four. My father egged me on in doing lots of reading. He still reads himself and believes anyone who stops reading at some point in his life will start brain deterioration. His point of view, not mine. *smiles*

On a fateful day, I watched a bigger girl – those popular girls- in class hit another boy with her book on his head. Why she did it, I can’t tell but I took my cue from her, egged on by her action I hit him on the head with my book when he also offended me. I’m not a big girl by stature and this boy was almost twice my size. The shock was evident on his face. He didn’t raise his hand at me or say a word.
I got to put up a show but I felt bad afterward. I must have apologized to him in my head about a hundred times but I never really had the courage to walk up to him and apologize for my bad behavior.

That wasn’t me. I was never a bully and probably his view about me changed that day but I was egged on by someone else’s terrible behavior.

In the following school year, my friend, Shola and I had a misunderstanding. We were arguing and she kept talking and defending her own side of the story and she didn’t give me a chance to talk. A slap landed on her face from me. That was the worst thing I ever did. She was frustrating me by not allowing me to talk and I apologized immediately. She didn’t retaliate, she put her hand to the face and gave me that hurt look. I kept saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” She walked away from me. Till date I can’t remember what caused the argument, her actions egged me on.
© Deborah Glover, 2016

This post is in response to Linda Hill prompt ‘Egg’ use either as noun or verb. Thanks for hosting this. Happy weekend!


6 thoughts on “Egged on #SoCS”

  1. Wow. There is nothing as gratifying as reading. But I hope my brain won,t deteriorate because I have not read a book for over six months. Hehehe

    I love your stories and nice to meet you.

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