My Neighborhood #4

I was at Ikotun Market last Saturday and it feels like the population of the place increases by the day.


Then I also took the picture of a woman wares close to the road.


That’s all for this week. This challenge is hosted by Jacqueline, Echoes of my neighborhood.
You can join us too. Let’s see other parts of the world through you.

Photo Credit : Deborah Glover

11 thoughts on “My Neighborhood #4”

  1. Authentic Lasgidi 🙂

    Deb, Let me also use this opportunity to extend an invitation to a bloggers brunch party taking place on my blog on this weekend Sat-Sunday. The post is titled it’s a brunch party. I believe that it will be fun 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Floating somewhere around Lagos/Ibadan/Ogun state Area 😁. I just hope I land safely some amidst those state


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