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Words of wisdom #9

Featuring others

This week in response to Jacqueline thinking corner, I’ll be featuring words from other bloggers here that makes a lot of meaning and has touched my life.
You can check them out too.

♥ We are often judged in society by stereotypes. Perception distort social interactions and blind others from seeing the heart and soul of an individual.
Yvonne Lott

♥ The Bible is a sure guide to right living for every believer. There is no substitute for God’s personal guidance available to each of us in scripture.
~Joy Indestructible

♥ Your children will be become who you are; so be what you want them to be.
~ Oluseye Ashiru

♥ While others choose to cower, I revel
storms like these remind me I’m alive,
display a power over which we have no control,
clear out the cobwebs of a humid day,
and can reshape the landscape…
~ John White

♥ Whenever we keep our focus on our purpose, the rewards are fulfilling and our sense of success are enormous.
~ Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


Until next time, Adiós!

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