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Music Monday #9

Music Monday will be done a little bit differently again. Last week, I put up a game played by a few Nigerian rock fans. This game was suggested by Sphynx, one of the group admins at NSOR. Click Here to read last week post. This week is a continuation.
Playing with band names (2)

Here is what we did, we used names of rock bands in writing a short story.
All band names are in bold, italicized and starts with a capital letter. Enjoy!
* * *

In a dream walking down Adison Road I watched Demon Hunter talk with the grim reaper that I’d be Dead by sunrise and my Death will be announced by The Killers. Lots of money will be made off my Post Mortem.

The reaper cracked a joke. “I don’t always listen to Metallica but when I do, Nothing else matters.

Sad that I’d rapport with Cannibal Corpse soon but on the Third day I trust God will Mercy me. Call me crazy but I’ll have a statue of Clay; I am a Passenger after all, probably on a highway to hell or closer to the stairway to heaven than you think.

Death is for the living. I’ll be Dead by April but they didn’t specify the year but it is written in Building 429 locked with one of The black keys.

Waking up, I figured I only have a Need to breath so do you. Its your choice if you want to go Chasing cars or a Train or Smashing pumpkins after all living is FUN. I made up my mind to always Bless my fall and be thankful while I Switchfoot.
© Hatur, 2016
*  *  *
All right!
I’m not doing this for FUN
or Maroon5.
Y’all Asking Alexandra who?!…
Here I go 1, 2, 3…
With U2
To a special One Republic

Who would have thought that In this moment the dark horse will be the Muse to Foster the people of NSOR.
What a Day to remember !
Everyone trying to Write this down, The so many poets in The neighborhood showing their inner Battle Beast.
Oshey eyin American Authors abi na African.

Me I’m just Disturbed here praying for someone to Swallow the sun this heat is too much abeg,
we need to go to our Chvrches and pray…
Lamb of God please Bring me the horizon.”

📌 Let every Papa Roach, Parasite Inc. holding my destiny with a Thousand foot Krutch and that of the Red riding sun let them fall down and die.

📌Baba God Smack Three day grace down

📌Use your Five finger death punch to Attack attack and Rise against these Demon hunter(s) and make my victorious Green Day 🍀🍀 the Story of the year.

Soon I’ll be the latest celeb signing One Last Autograph as I Blink 182 Plus 234 tears of joy.

© Edalock, 2016


Until next time, enjoy your week.

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