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There was a time

I loved you
Even when you hated me
My loving eyes
On you always
My arms beckons
Longing to hold you
To sooth you from the pain
Because I remember
There was a time

There was a time
When I was all you have
All you ever dreamed of
Remember the times
All those times
When you walked by me
And talked to me.

It does seem like
we are worlds apart
Yes, the world snatched away
Your innocence
And gave you guilt
You were shamed
You wonder where I was
The world gave you success
With a lot of pain
And secret sighing
That’s what you wanted
Picture perfect life
The people hailing you
Singing your praises

There was a time
When simple things
Filled you with joy
Now there’s hardly anything
To smile about
A wounded lion
You have become
Waiting for the end
And not knowing
What the end brings
There was a time
A time we loved
A time we shared
A time my shoulders you wept on

Come back and let me take you back
To the times we used to love


Photo Credit : Deborah Glover

Happy Sunday awesome bloggers!

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