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Ball of fire #SoCS

Many a times the Bible warns against anger. ‘Do not let the sun go down on your wrath’, ‘an angry man is like a city broken down without walls’, ‘anger lies in the bosom of fools’, ‘do not associate with an angry person lest you learn his ways’… and so it continues.

There are times when certain situation brings you to anger especially when you have no control over it. Anger is fire that burns from the inside out. There are a lot of damages done both inside and outside.
Anger allows certain chemicals to be released inside the body. These chemicals lead to ulcer, fever, heart attack and so on.
Anger allows you to make the life of those around you miserable. They tiptoe around you. They are afraid of the next thing you’d say that will hurt. When you allow this strong emotion to gain expression, you say words that will ring in the mind of others. God help you if it is directed at your own child, the words you say will make an indelible mark that will mar that child probably for a life time.

The sun has been described as a ball of fire and I can describe anger in the same way. Anger destroys friendship, murder marriages, cripples children and makes you disease ridden in the long run.
To say, ‘hey! Don’t ever get angry’, would be synonymous to ‘don’t be human’ however we can control it. In the face of provocation find an outlet for your anger. Don’t take it out on other people. As a writer, I provide an outlet by writing my feelings down, my diary takes the brunt and some times my Facebook timeline.

Manage that anger, don’t let it do damage any longer.

Have a blessed weekend.
God bless you!


The prompt for this week is Ball. Thanks Linda G. Hill for hosting this beautiful challenge.
You can join us too, here are the rules:
1. Your post must be stream of consciousness writing, meaning no editing, (typos can be fixed) and minimal planning on what you’re going to write.
2. Your post can be as long or as short as you want it to be. One sentence – one thousand words. Fact, fiction, poetry – it doesn’t matter. Just let the words carry you along until you’re ready to stop.
3. There will be a prompt every week. I will post the prompt here on my blog on Friday, along with a reminder for you to join in. The prompt will be one random thing, but it will not be a subject. For instance, I will not say “Write about dogs”; the prompt will be more like, “Make your first sentence a question,” “Begin with the word ‘The’,” or simply a single word to get your started.
4. Ping back! It’s important, so that I and other people can come and read your post! For example, in your post you can write “This post is part of SoCS:” and then copy and paste the URL found in your address bar at the top of this post into yours. Your link will show up in my comments for everyone to see. The most recent pingbacks will be found at the top.
5. Read at least one other person’s blog who has linked back their post. Even better, read everyone’s! If you’re the first person to link back, you can check back later, or go to the previous week, by following my category, “Stream of Consciousness Saturday,” which you’ll find right below the “Like” button on my post.
6. Copy and paste the rules (if you’d like to) in your post. The more people who join in, the more new bloggers you’ll meet and the bigger your community will get!
7. As a suggestion, tag your post “SoCS” and/or “#SoCS” for more exposure and more views.
8. Have fun!

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