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Street Sweeper


Photo Credit : Abiodun Omotosho

She wipes the sweat from her brows, then pick up the broom to continue sweeping the sand off the road.
Just last month, she secured this government job. Morenike must go back to school, Tunde must finish that apprenticeship and Tayo must write his final exams. She sighed. The burden of catering for the children have fallen on her shoulders since her husband lost his job. He does more of drinking and drunken fights these days.

She swept more vigorous this time.
People passed by, cars zoomed past to what ever business they must attend to. This is Lagos after all, everyone with his own issues, the woman in orange jumpsuit reasoned.
© Deborah Glover, 2016
* * *
This is a pure work of fiction but you’ll be surprised what some Lagosians have to go through each day to make ends meet.


Until next time, Adiós!


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