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The Male Secretary

Click, click, click
Click, click, click

He kept typing words into the computer. Mr. Farez needed to get these documents in an hour. His mother would never understand his choice – Male secretary! The position is mostly occupied by women. There was a time he had to prove to her that he wasn’t gay. The woman would die and come back to life of that were the case. Mark was just the reserved young man who chooses his women carefully. One night stand were just perfect, though this was few and far between. He didn’t allow girls to crowd his space and take up his time with fancy dinner dates and phone calls to check up on his activities. The last lady he told about his profession was appalled and he didn’t need all the women in the ton telling him, he knows they would put up that sympathy look or be disgusted.

Mark never had anything conventional. He was the only boy without a father or siblings. It was difficult growing up when everyone had grandparents, uncles, aunts and sibling. His father died before he was born of the disease. It was a taboo to mention the name of the disease.

Click, click, click
Click, click, click
The intercom buzzed, Mark groaned then picked the receiver.
“Are you done with those documents.”
“I’m still on it, sir. I’ll be done in five minutes.
“Make it ten.”
“Yes sir.”
Mr. Farez! That man was a pain in the neck. He would have handed in his resignation letter but the pay made life comfortable and he could take care of his mother.
My mother! He smiled to himself. Mark loved that woman though he had never fallen in love with any other woman.
In exactly seven minutes Mark was through with the documents, he tagged them in a file and took it to Mr. Farez.

Yes, I will have some peace now. It should take him thirty minutes to finish those. Mark thought.
* * *
Mark had files to shelf, he had to get all these things right before the next board of directors meeting. While arranging papers into a file, a long manicured finger taped his desk.
He lifted his head to be confronted with an image of himself. Mark shut his eyes and opened them again. This was not really happening. The man was a reflection of him. The man was speechless for a while too.
“I would like to see Mr. Farez.”
“Sorry sir, I don’t usually act like this.”
The man let out a rich laugh.
“It’s been proven, I have such effect on women but on men? Now, yours is a first.”
“Come with me sir.” Mark led him to Mr. Farez door and retreated.
He got back to his office and sat on the chair slowly. His heart was pounding and his head was filled with all the what ifs and maybes.

* * *
“Is your mother still alive?”
“Alive and healthy.”
“Good. Tell her you met Richie Rich.”
“You know my mother?”
“Yes, I know Denise very well.”

Mark got home and he was silent than usual. His mother knew this was a sign of storm brewing but until he said his mind, she try not to notice.
At the dining table, she smiled sweetly at him.
“How did work go today?”
“Unusual,” he said. His voice sounded bored but his eyes were spit fire.
“Oh! Did someone upset the apple cart?”
“Not exactly.”
“I met an old friend of yours.”
“What’s her name?”
Mark dropped his fork and knife. His heart beating fast. I hope this is not it.
Richie Rich. A man.”
“Oh my godness! You met Richard?”
“He fathered me.” Mark waited for her to say something different.
Denise nodded.
“Why did you lie to me?”
“Let’s finish this food and I’ll tell you all you wish to know about it.”
“No Mom!” He pushed his plate away and stood up.
“I demand an answer, right now! This minute!”
Denise sighed. How she wished this day never came.
“Richard is your father. I left him after I discovered I was pregnant. He had no money. He deceived me for a long time, pretending to be the manager of the Blue Shield company. He spent lavishly on me. When I knew, I couldn’t stay with him in his poor room and life. I left him.”
“Didn’t you think the information could be important to me? You deprived me of a father for twenty five years. You led me to believe he died of the disease and you knew! Mom, you knew! The times I came home feeling out of place, the times I came asking why every other boy had a father and I didn’t. How could you lie to me all these years?”
“I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry too.”

Mark walked to the door and rushed down the stairs, breathing the same air as that woman became suddenly choking.
Tears came down his face, he wiped it away with his fingers. The cool air rushed to greet him as he got into the compound.
This time, he needed a long walk, to fight the demons whispering into his head, to calm down, to decide the next course of action.
Denise told him a lie about his father and Mark knew it won’t be easy  forgiving her.
(882 words).

* * *

In response to Donovan writing challenge. Check Here for more information.

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