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They are at it again!

It’s dark again and my sister helps to put off the light each night. Our mother do not understand my obsession about those things. Ghosts that refuse to leave humans in peace. I have told her about a million times that the house we live in a haunted house but she won’t believe a word of this what I say.
“Ghosts are manufactured by man and sold to naughty children. Now, Kara you are no longer a child. Let it go.”

How I love waking up in the morning when the light filters through the drapes.

Awoken by some noises, opening my eyes I saw him stand there looking at me. I flipped on my side to see another one looking at me. I turned to face the ceiling then another opened his bare fangs at me. Then a little noise again. I shut my eyes trying to will them away. More noises.

Leaving the bed slowly, perhaps they won’t follow me. On tip toes I walked to the door and got out. I made a fast dash for Kate’s room.

“Kate! Kate!” I whispered as I tried to wake my sister. She didn’t answer. I got into bed with her under covers.
In sleepy voice she asked, “Kara, why are you here?”

“They are at it again!”
She drew me closer and soon all the ghosts were forgotten.


* * *
In response to Just Start writing JSW challenge.

Feel free to jump in.

9 thoughts on “They are at it again!”

  1. Enjoyed the read and I equally remembered having this kind of experience when I was young after watching scaring movies


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