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Music Monday #8

This week, music Monday will be done a little bit differently. Last week, a few Nigerian rock fans played a game. This game was suggested by Sphynx, one of the group admins at NSOR Naija School of Rock

Playing with band names.

Here is what we did, we used names of rock bands in writing a short story.
All band names are in bold, italicized and starts with a capital letter. Enjoy!
* *  *

Let’s Bury tomorrow, For today focus on solving our problems. This might be Our Last Night to start Asking Alexandria why there was so much Panic! At The Disco.
It was A Day To Remember I tell you! We heard people mouth Attack Attack and suddenly, all the people at the event had to Abandon All Ships. Well, The Animal In Me took over and I threw a damned Five Finger Death Punch at one of the idiot attackers but a Demon Hunter came from behind and set me In Flames.

©Nedu, 2016

* * *
Unsure of myself, I tuck my hands in my Red jeans. I got lots of Goo goo dolls for the Lighthouse family kids. One of them had Saliva all over her clothes, she was so adorable They agreed to go with me to One Republic.

Winter was too tiring we needed 5 Seconds of Summer. I checked the address again, we had to cross the Alter Bridge and then stop at Tenth Avenue North.
The gate post read : Welcome to Linkin Park

When we reached Avril Lavigne was singing on the stage. Michael learns to rock, as he watched her. There were funny looking Boys Like Girls dancing on stage. I bought Cranberries and we ate them dancing. The All American rejects were refused entry. They looked terrible in those ripped jeans and sticky hair. We were having FUN when suddenly one of the kids gave me a Jet Black Stare, he was the weird one. Always wishing Dead Sara were here. We also went Bowling for Soup.
We slept that night in Tokio Hotel.

This was the Story of the year the Newsboys kept talking about it.
As I turned to leave, a little boy ran to me for One last Autograph.

© Deborah Glover, 2016
* * *

I left Alice in chains on a hill to die upon.
Left alone in the cold lands to be Dead by April, but the Arctic monkeys already had her for dinner, they left her Dead by sunrise. The Wolves at the gate of the hill did avenge little Alice Postmortem, it was a Nocturnal blood lust between the damned creatures.
Alice was pretty reckless, an angel of death who fucked for a living and killed for kicks.

© Adedayo Beckley, 2016


That’s all for this week. I’ll continue next week Monday.


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