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His Life

With head bowed he sighed. Life had been so cruel, so many journeys.

One time, he had to fight to stay strong as cancer ate Luna’s lungs – his only daughter. She did not survive it. The other time, he had to deal with envious family members who felt he was rich and stingy. They did not understand his battles.

Even as Luna fought to survive, he watched life seep out of Cheryl’s eyes. His wife stopped living. Luna was their joy and after she was gone. Cheryl feels she has no more reason to live. She dresses in black, she no longer laughs and seeing her sad face each day brings a cutting pain to his heart.

He sighed again, staring into space.

7 thoughts on “His Life”

  1. So touching…so much pain… i think to myself…is there hope for this family? I guess their sun will shine again…life is a mix bag. Great story Glover.

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    1. Thanks for reading. For some people with great wealth, we do not see those other things they have to battle with. We take a look and believe they have everything going well.


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