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A little bit of everything


Well, some people will call this greed or gluttony if it were food. Oh no! It’s not. We are talking about reading. My excessive desire to read here on WordPress.

When I read, say for instance “Toot your horn” by Simple Dimple, I check the blog of other people (one after the other) who clicked Like button for that post, then I read posts on their blog which interest me. Leave a comment or click the Like button. I check for people who like their work too and read and then it continues. I seem to forget time.

I am enjoying this aspect of blogging. I even read comments of other bloggers, especially if it is one that interest me so much.
I feel like a child in a toy store, I want everything and I want to take everything home. Following too many people might be too much for me to handle right now.

Don’t get me wrong, it is good to follow the work of other bloggers (I follow those that are just too good to resist) but I find it exciting that without having to get their latest post in my mail inbox, I still get to read what they have to say.

The question is how do I visit these blogs again.
Simple, I simply check on “The Posts I Like” and then go through that to see the latest.

I read a little of everything here on Word Press and it is really exciting. I am still yet to meet a great chunk of WordPress bloggers but it is only a matter of time.

This is why any blogging event, might be a little challenging for me. I want to meet every body. I want read everyone’s work. Is that a bad thing?
Perhaps not, because I find that it has been rewarding. I feed on the words of these great minds, I get a peek into their every day life and their souls too; and then it sparks the fire inside of me.

I will conclude by saying
“Every writer is a reader, though not all readers are writers.”


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