An Excuse for Mediocrity?

Life is filled with underachievers, achievers, non ambitious, dreamers, negative critics those who talk others down and many other sort.

I got to the place I was posted in order to serve my country under NYSC programme, for every graduate. I was unperturbed about the situation of the place. It was in the middle of nowhere, far away from civilisation, there were no banks, market was far away but I stood my ground and smiled. If God had brought me here, then he definitely had a good purpose for it.

I resumed duty with a right heart set to work. In no time my boss noticed my excellent work and hence added more responsibility at no extra pay added to my salary. I still earned the same thing as my colleagues who did lesser job than me.
I got home tired and worn out each day.

As a student, I had a particular lecturer who was always interested in making me work for him.
“Deb, assist me in marking these scripts.”

“Deb, call the other project students.”

“Deb, I need past questions on the following topics.”

Here I am, when I do a job paid or not, I strive to do it well.

In the school I currently teach, the principal gets additional work to my table.

“Could you help me with the admission register?”

“Please adjust the timetable to suit….”
And the list goes on.

I teach well and then I am given added responsibilities.
Some times I acquire enemies. People who feel I am in the limelight and it shouldn’t be. People who are not able to work in the same capacity, consumed by jealousy, they attack with words, mockery and talk me down.

At a point I had to ask myself, Is it a crime to be good at what you do? Is it better to be a mediocre? Is this a good excuse for mediocrity?

It gets me annoyed when I get victimised for working hard and doing the job well. Should I come down to their level? Do I work below my capacity? In order to avoid more work?

Living to one’s fullest potential in the capacity of the grace given by God should be what every human should strive to attain.

Someone advised me to develop a thick skin and not listen to voices that aim to bring me down or lower my ability to do certain things. I should not listen to the taunts. I should keep doing things right, whether I am properly remunerated for it or not.
However, I feel that working lesser than my fill capacity would make my life easier.

What you do think? Have you ever experienced this? What advice do you have for me?

6 thoughts on “An Excuse for Mediocrity?”

  1. I always believe in giving my best if it’s in me to do so at the of the day your work speaks for itself.
    I have had to approach a former boss to review my salary upwards after working my knuckles off and praying about it.
    He did! He never debated my delivery. Only told me that he has to present it to the board of directors. They approved an increase.


  2. Well, what I will say it simple. If u enjoy what u are doing, if it makes u feel u. Don’t accept anyone’s definition of u. Be the u that u ve been. Be happy!


  3. It hurts when you feel used instead of honored but who the hell are they to make you less than who you are? Never stop being effective and proactive, there’s definitely a reward sooner or later.


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