Music Monday #5


Owl City – Embers

🎶There were days when each hour was a war I fought to survive

🎼There were nights full of nightmares and I dreaded closing my eyes

🎤There were skies that burst open with a downpour to drown me alive

But the world took a spark like a match in the dark
And the fire brought me to life

So I’m fanning the flames to climb so high
‘Cause there’s no other way we can stay alive

‘Cause we’re burning bright
As we all unite

And when it’s all said and done

We’ll shine like the sun
So don’t let the fire die

And we’ll watch the sky
As it fills with light
And though the embers are new
Whatever you do, just don’t let the fire die

*  *   *
Keep on keeping
Don’t let the fire die
Keep writing when no one is reading
Keep praying even though it seems like there’s no answer yet
Keep moving ahead,
Whatever you do
Don’t let the fire die.

Have a lovely week ahead.

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