Stream of Consciousness #1

It is no lie and what I say will between us remain.
I know how it feels like to be hurt, to be pushed down, spat at, ridiculed, called names. You go through the same things too?


I want the best out of life. Don’t we all? Yet life never hands to us wealth, fame, greatness, settled mind, on a platter of gold. We pursue after these things day in, day out and we never get them. Maybe those who are content not to pursue after anything are better off.

Beauty, intelligence, certificate with good grades do not really equip us in this world. In this God’s world it is survival of the fittest. Where those things don’t work.

Look at the people around you, look at those pretty faces, could they have been without problems? Of course not, they have their own fair share.

Men are designed to go through challenges and conquer them. Oh boy! It does feel like the end of the road and holding on to the teether is a more daunting task each day.

Writing assignment

Set a timer for ten minutes and write. Stop immediately the timer goes off. Publish your post.

3 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness #1”

  1. We may aim for it all, but be grateful for the small steps that walk us through without greed. After all we don’t need everything do we. Those without water hope for rain and feel rich when they get it.

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