Short Story

The Cookie Pan – Fiction#1

Susan woke up with a start. She had a terrible dream but she couldn’t recall it. Her heart beat was fast, she was afraid and sweat dripping from her face and neck.

She stood up, went about about her morning duty. The children must be prepared for school. She must also prepare for work.

As she went about these things, there remained a nagging feeling inside. She felt ill at ease.

She got the children safely into the school bus.

Susan entered her office and saw a present wrapped, on her table.

It was not her birthday and she wasn’t celebrating either.

She warily eyed the present and moved closer.

It couldn’t be a time bomb, she said, trying to reassure herself.

Susan unwrapped the gift, it was a cookie pan, she opened the pan.

The sight brought fear into her. She trembled to her feet and goose bump grew all over her arms and legs.

The picture of her deceased husband and a note that said

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