I should be thirteen and in high school. I started writing stories. They were amateur but it was my beginning.

My younger sister idolised me at the time. She started first by keeping a diary. I noticed and smiled to myself. I knew, she was trying to do what I do.

Years later, she was wrote a story of about 20 pages. She brought it to me with a lot of enthusiasm. She wanted me to endorse it.
I read it through, though I was bored to death.

I told her, Your story is terrible. I’m sorry. Bene, you can’t be Me. You will never excel at being someone else. You must be You. You are different from me, we are opposites. You will always be the fake version of me, if you try to do the things I do. Be yourself, be original.”

She took my advice. Today, people see her as a gifted person.

She makes hair without being an apprentice anywhere and she does the M.C at children parties effortlessly.

Here’s my point exactly, we already had one Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King, Cheri Lucas etc.

Be yourself.

Be original.

Thanks Jacqueline ( for the invite.
I hereby invite the following bloggers to participate.

Me (

A Writers Life (

Giggles and Tales (

You are free to choose, either to participate or not.

The Little Rules are:
* Post three consecutive days.
* You can pick one or three quotes per day.
* Challenge three different bloggers per day

1 thought on “Original”

  1. Wow! Surprise to find my blog is invited to take up this challenge. Thanks Deb. I will tackle it as soon as time permits. Your quote is a reminder, again, that people should accept who they truly are. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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